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Special Report:
How To Stay Motivated To
Lose Weight

How to stay motivated to lose weight is every person’s desire who wants to slim down. To be successful losing weight, everybody requires a weight loss motivation that will certainly make them put down the fork and step away from the double chocolate fudge cake.  You must constantly remind yourself why you want to lose the weight.

Everybody who has actually ever attempted to slim down understands that a huge concern is how to stay motivated to lose weight.  Where can you discover how to stay motivated to lose weight, how do we keep it going, and exactly what do we do when it slips are major concerns regarding how to get motivated to lose weight.

How To Get Motivated and Stay Motivated To Lose Weight

To be effective at dropping weight you need to discover how to stay motivated to lose weight. You have to keep motivated, even when times get challenging! Review the ideas and techniques and other resources below to assist you to discover how to stay motivated to lose weight and preserve your motivation. Both men and women have questions such as the following about weight loss motivation:

Here are a few suggestions about getting motivated and staying motivated to lose weight. These are proven to help you stay motivated to lose weight.

Visualize What You Will Look Like After Weight Loss

how to stay motivated to lose weightAsk yourself: What drives you to accomplish your weight loss objective? Deep inside, you need to have a vision of exactly what you desire to look like and why you wish to look that way. What sensations will weight loss make you feel?

Imagine in your mind’s eye exactly … in great detail … what you will look like after losing weight.  Picture yourself in vivid color on a giant movie screen as the new you once you’ve lost the weight.

Watch yourself in that movie on that giant movie screen enjoying life … having fun … laughing … feeling great!  Imagine in your mind’s eye talking to your friends and family after your weight loss.  Hear them tell you how great you look!  Hear the wonderful conversations.  This is how to get motivated to lose weight.

Create Your Weight Loss Motivation Mantra and Motivation Cards

Create a “mantra” to verbalize to yourself when times get hard. “Every day I am enhancing my health, my appearances and my wellness. I am getting more powerful in every way each and every day.”  This is your weight loss motivation mantra.  This is how to stay motivated to lose weight. This is how to stay motivated to lose weight when depressed. It’s the psychology of weight loss motivation.

Create motivational cards with positive statements.  Place the cards where you will certainly see them frequently – on your restroom mirror, in your handbag, in your automobile.  Be sure to have a couple on the refrigerator door and TV.

Get Yourself A Weight Loss Motivation Partner

stay motivated to lose weight

Find somebody to share the experience with, and help you laugh your way through the weight loss obstacles along the way.  Find the most supportive weight loss motivation partner.  Share your vision with this person.  Don’t think the person you choose has to be someone overweight who also needs to slim down.  The best partner may be someone who has already lost weight or someone who has a healthier lifestyle and wants to help you become healthier.

Learn from other effective weight loss successes. Check out other individuals’ stories, discover a chatroom, or begin your very own weight loss support group.  Be a coach and motivating partner for someone else and you’ll end up helping yourself. This is very effective for how to stay motivated to lose weight and workout. Get moving to lose weight.

Start Your Personal Weight Loss Dream Book

You may feel “I have to lose weight but I have no motivation.” Start dream journal scrapbook of fashionable clothes and wardrobe styles. List what you will certainly have to purchase when you diminish a size or more as you lose weight.  Include pictures or clippings of persons wearing these fashion statements similar in size to what you will be once you lose the pounds.

Under each picture caption it with your personal statement about yourself.  For example:  Under that little black dress picture you might write the caption, “My little black dress waiting for my new slimmer little body.”  How to stay motivated to lose weight is easy!

Establish Your Strategy For Weight Loss

As soon as you have actually found exactly what your weight loss motivation is, you can then produce a strategy to accomplish your preferred weight. Prior to you getting on the treadmill and begin running, it is a really smart concept to assemble a weight loss strategy which you will follow day-to-day.

Have you ever heard the stating, “Where there is a will, there is a way”? For the typical individual attempting to drop weight, this expression is so simple to state – yet so hard to do. Whether you are having a hard time to shed a couple of undesirable pounds or to plunge 10 trousers sizes, success typically depends upon knowing how to get motivated to lose weight.

Without a strategy for weight loss about which you feel confident, your chance of getting motivated to lose weight is slim to none.  You must establish a strategy for weight loss.  Establishing such a strategy is how to get motivated to lose weight.  Motivation is an ongoing, day-to-day process essential for weight loss success.

Journal Your Weight Loss Goal To Stay and Get Motivated

Set your objectives and exercise a sensible time for attaining them. Dedicate to them 100%.  You should set a long-term goal for the ultimate weight loss you desire and put this down in writing.  More importantly, you need to have short term goals written down reflecting lesser amounts of weight you strive to lose each week.

Your long-term ultimate goal may be to lose 40 pounds during the next 90 to 180 days.  Shorter term goals might be to lose one pound or two pounds of weight each week.  Of course, these must be your goals and not those established by anyone else.  You have within you the ability to lose weight and keep it off.  That ability is called stickability.  Stick to your short-term goals and you’ll ultimately achieve your long-term weight loss.

One Day At a Time Weight Loss Motivation Secret

Remember that you are reducing weight and enhancing your health “one day at a time”. You can stick at anything for one day!  Future pace in your mind that tomorrow you will start losing weight by simply sticking to your weight loss program today.  Learning how to stay motivated to lose weight is simple.

Get through the day and eagerly anticipate being able to continue the next day.  Take it just one day at a time and you will succeed!  Reward yourself after five days of successful weight loss.  Call it your reward day.  Go shopping or have that tasty chocolate cake or meal you’ve been missing.  Celebrate your “day-to-day” weight loss success program and celebrate your reward day also.  Enjoy yourself.

Chart Your Weight Loss Every Week To Stay Motivated

Pick a day of the week to constantly weigh yourself and make a written record of your weight on that exact same day.  It is best to weigh early in the morning of the day of the week which you choose to weigh yourself.  Do not weight at night.  Keeping this chart of your weight loss every week is essential if you really want to understand how to stay motivated to lose weight. This works well for how to stay motivated to lose weight as a teenager or an adult.

Pay Yourself For Each Pound Your Lose

Buy a piggy bank on your kitchen table and fill it up with a specific amount for each pound you lose. You can use the money contributed to buy yourself brand-new clothing!  Click here to lose weight in 3 weeks.

Now that you know how to get motivated to lose weight and have practical and proven tips to follow to guarantee your success for getting motivated and staying motivated, be sure to check out our newest weight loss program.  How to get motivated to lose weight is easy!

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